Areas of research involved in refrigeration and air-conditioning applications

Commercial & Buildings

Research in this area focuses on air-conditioning systems in buildings and refrigeration applications for the commercial sector.

Industry & Transport

Research covers industrial refrigeration technology together with refrigeration and air-conditioning applications for transport and logistics.

Heat Pumps & Cryogenics

Attention in this area concentrates on further development of heat pump technology and refrigeration applications for cryogenic solutions.

Research Council for Refrigeration Technology

The Research Council for Refrigeration Technology is an association made up of representatives from industry together with research institutions. It aims to forge ahead with refrigeration technology through technical and scientific research. In doing so, the Research Council also gives all due consideration to current legislation. In this context there is a great demand for new technologies, and thus also new components and operating materials. For more information about the Council's research activities, please click here.

The Research Council for Refrigeration Technology is open to a wide range of branches in order to cover the great variety of interesting current topics in refrigeration technology. For more information about members, please click here.

Research Council for Refrigeration Technology in brief

  • Promotes technical and scientific research with the corresponding impacts for refrigeration and heat pump technology
  • Pursues collaborative industrial research
  • Is a member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen (AiF - German Federation of Industrial Research Associations)

In particular, the Forschungsrat conducts research and development in the fields:

  1. building air conditioning
  2. commercial refrigeration
  3. domestic refrigeration
  4. industrial refrigeration
  5. transport refrigeration
  6. heat pump technology
  7. cryogenics