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Chiller for industrial cooling:

Nano-Line 1-6 kW

Vario-Line 6-28 kW

Compact-Line 30-200 kW

ARCTIC 200 – 1.000 kW

OEM Chiller customized


High Power Heat Pumps for industrial and technical building systems:

MAGMA 200 – 1.000 kW

ait-deutschland with her brand KKT chillers combines decades of know-how in thermodynamic processes with the requirements of her customers to design energy-efficient chiller and heat pump solutions for quite varied applications. The resulting product pallet ranges from serial production-oriented standard devices to customised products.

Firma: ait-deutschland GmbH   

Straße: Industriestraße 3

PLZ/Ort: 95359 Kasendorf


Telefon: +49 9228 9906 0


BITZER is the world’s largest independent manufacturer and specialist for refrigeration compressors. Refrigeration and air conditioning technology are of inestimable value in our world. They allow food to be transported over thousands of miles and then be stored, without loss of freshness and quality. In buildings, air conditioning brings a distinct improvement to living and working conditions. Every day blood banks save the lives of countless people, while many products, such as semiconductors, can only be manufactured with this technology. In all these situations it is essential that the refrigeration and air conditioning systems function reliably. To put it another way: Their heart must beat dependably. This 'heart' is the compressor. For over 80 years now, BITZER has been manufacturing refrigeration compressors, condensing units and pressure vessels for refrigeration and air conditioning. The BITZER Group has sales companies and production sites for reciprocating, screw, and scroll compressors as well as pressure vessels all over the globe. In 2014, 3,400 employees generated sales of €657 million.

BIV represents the enterprises responsible for the design, installation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. It supports the interests of its members in the skilled crafts of refrigeration plant construction in accordance with the legal requirements. As a member of the Central Guild of German Trades (ZDH), BIV develops the political, national and commercial environment of its own trade.

Traditionally, the work of the guilds and BIV focuses mainly on the professional trade.

The objective of BIV is to increase the expertise of its member companies in terms of technological, design and commercial quality and to create a positive public image for the refrigeration and air conditioning trade.

Carrier Kältetechnik Deutschland GmbH is a part of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Europe, a leading supplier of high-efficiency turnkey refrigeration systems and services in the food retail industry. The broad portfolio includes technological solutions for product refrigeration, freezing and integrated systems for building heating and cooling, as well as associated services. A large variety of display cases for the presentation of refrigerated and frozen-food products is available to meet the needs of a wide range of food retail customers.

From innovative solutions to green factories to services developed to increase efficiency, Carrier is a leader in sustainability. Solutions are our business. We pioneered the use of natural refrigerants in the food retail world, and continuously invest in research and development. The Carrier CO₂OLtec® system represents one of the industry’s most sustainable solutions for commercial Refrigeration.



Danfoss is the leading manufacturer for refrigeration components in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These components include mechanical, electronic valves, control and monitoring devices, networked systems with the possibility of remote access, as well as compressors in various technologies and condensing units. Danfoss offers specific product lines for OEM, as well as for industrial refrigeration applications with for example the refrigerant ammonia for breweries or ice rinks.

 FRIGOBLOCK GmbH, founded as kuk kunststoff- und kältetechnik Grosskopf GmbH in 1978, quickly developed into the number one manufacturer of transport refrigeration machines in Germany. The name FRIGOBLOCK became the brand name for unsurpassed powerful, environmentally friendly and cost-saving transport refrigeration machines. This was one of the reasons why FRIGOBLOCK, in 1991, became part of the company’s name.

Today, FRIGOBLOCK GmbH is the third-largest European supplier of transport refrigeration machines. With a workforce of 150 at the headquarters in Essen, Germany, the company produces up to 2,500 high-capacity refrigeration machines a year. Today, over 40,000 FRIGOBLOCK transport refrigeration machines
give reliable service on roads throughout Europe. Over 150 professional partners provide service to FRIGOBLOCK customers all over Europe; maintaining and repairing the machines to ensure a high level of availability. Since march 2015, FRIGOBLOCK is a member of the Ingersoll Rand Group, a global business leader committed to create comfortable, sustainable and efficient environment!

FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY GMBH is a German company that exclusively develops, manufactures and distributes lubricants and related specialities with approximately 1400 employees. With a complete range of lubricants for a wide variety of applications and as a leading lubricant partner to the German automotive industry, FUCHS is considered one of the lubricant market leaders here in Germany.
The company has 7 plants: At the Mannheim site, engine and transmission oils, shock absorber oils, hydraulic oils, industrial lubricants, metalworking fluids, cleaners and corrosion protection agents are produced. Lubricating greases are produced at the Kiel site, and lubricants for the automotive industry at the Wedel site. The Bremen site deals with metal forming / forming lubricants, the Dohna site is home to the experts for the mechanical processing of graphites, the Hamburg site is home to the specialists for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foodstuffs, and the site is rounded off by Kaiserslautern, which specialises in special lubricants...
The company, founded in 1931 as RUDOLF FUCHS, is based in Mannheim and is a 100% subsidiary of FUCHS PETROLUB SE.
With currently approx. 6,000 employees (2022) in 57 companies, FUCHS PETROLUB SE is the world's largest independent lubricant supplier. FUCHS has a degree of specialisation far above the industry average and a high rate of innovation. The product ranges include lubricants and related specialities for all areas of life, industries and manufacturing.

GEA Bock GmbH is a leading manufacturer of compressors and equipment for stationary and mobile refrigeration and air conditioning. The products are used only in commercial and industrial environments and have acquired a global reputation for their high quality standards. GEA Bock offers state-of-the-art compressor technology with convincing attributes such as running smoothness, serviceability, efficiency and reliability of the highest quality. Together with the classical suction gas-cooled compressors, the broad range of semi-hermetic and open reciprocating compressors by GEA Bock also includes models operating with natural refrigerants and condenser solutions for mobile refrigeration and air-conditioning.

Glen Dimplex Deutschland with its Riedel brand is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of cooling systems for medical, industrial and commercial use. The company develops standard and special refrigeration solutions in the capacity range from 0.1 kW to 250 kW, used among others for cooling medical equipment, laser technology and machine tools. The product portfolio includes all kinds of heat exchanger stations, water chillers, refrigeration machines, commercial cooling systems and switchboard air-conditioning. Glen Dimplex maintains three production sites worldwide together with an international service network, and a workforce of 900 employees generating more than 200 million euros in annual revenues.

Based in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich, Germany, Güntner GmbH & Co. KG is a world leader in the manufacture of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment components.

With approx. 3,000 employees worldwide and production sites in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil and Russia, the company shows a strong presence for their partners in all markets. Decades of experience in the industry and the consistent integration of the latest technologies and research findings ensure the high quality standard of Güntner solutions.

The international areas of application comprise energy & process cooling projects, industrial and commercial applications in the field of food production and storage as well as HVAC applications for buildings and specific applications such as server room cooling.




INFICON is a leading provider of innovative instrumentation, sensor systems for critical processes and modern process control software. The INFICON leak detectors play a major role in detecting gas leaks in refrigeration/air-conditioning systems, detecting a wide range of test gases without cross-sensitivities, starting from all current refrigerants through to helium and hydrogen. They reliably trace even the tiniest leakages and are suitable for testing individual components, assemblies or complete systems of all sizes.

The ILK Dresden - Institut für Luft- und Kältetechnik (Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration) - is your competent partner for research and development tasks in the fields of air handling and refrigeration technologies and their applications. Our strength consists in the wide range of our research fields and technologies as well as in their mutual integration.

We pursue practical research, development and technology transfer to be directly applied by companies and society. For this purpose, we use the latest in procedures and methods in applied research and development.



Johnson Controls is one of the leading providers of equipment, control systems and services for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration and safety systems with 500 branches in more than 150 countries. The product portfolio encompasses liquid chillers and heat pumps with natural refrigerants, absorption liquid chillers with natural refrigerants, also for combined heat, power and refrigeration solutions; air-cooled liquid chillers; water-cooled liquid chillers and heat pumps, together with conditioning cabinets. The company's solutions are used in a wide range of different branches and sectors, always with the aim of enhancing energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Kelvion Refrigeration GmbH, specializes in heat exchangers for the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry.
The company is a global market leader for high-performance air coolers used particularly in food production, logistics and storage. The product portfolio is also comprised of condensers, dry coolers and technical accessories for refrigeration systems.

The company supports its customers when it comes to the design and concept of the refrigeration system, with continuous research leading to the development of innovative, sustainable products. The company's products are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities working to the very highest quality standards

– Made in Germany.

Klüber Lubrication München GmbH & Co. KG

Klüber Lubrication - your global specialist

Innovative tribological solutions are our passion. Through personal contact and consultation, we help our costumers to be successful worldwide, in all industries and markets. With our ambitions technical concepts and experiences, competent staff we have been fulfilling increasingly demanding requirements by manufacturing efficient high-performance lubricants for more than 85 years.

Liebherr with its more than 41,000 employees worldwide helps to shape technological progress in many branches. Refrigeration and freezing appliances by Liebherr have been synonymous with quality, reliability and durability for decades. Innovative technologies and top quality materials make the Liebherr appliances particularly convenient and energy-efficient. This applies both to domestic and professional use in retail, the skilled crafts, catering, manufacturing and in the laboratory. The range extends from built-in appliances and stand-alone units to chest freezers and side-by-side appliances, as well as wine temperature control cabinets and wine cooler cabinets.

ref-tech engineering - refrigeration technologies and sustainable developments -

TEKO develops and produces industrial and commercial refrigeration and heat solutions, among others for food retailing, food production, commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, medical refrigeration, transport refrigeration and warehouses. The company has specialised primarily in systems operating with natural refrigerants and in complete, efficient utilisation of waste heat for heating buildings. More than 40 technicians and engineers pursue research in the company's own test and training centre, working on sub- and transcritical circuits, cascade systems, control strategies and much more besides. The findings generated in this way provide TEKO with the basis for developing innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

TH. WITT GmbH is a family owned and operated enterprise that specialises in industrial refrigeration. Known as the leading supplier of refrigeration pumps and high side float regulators, as well as special solutions for the refrigeration industry, the company offers manufacturers of refrigeration equipment a reliable partnership with system solutions from standardized, high quality products.

These include refrigerant pumps (both open and hermetic), high pressure float regulators, oil return systems and complete pressure vessel units. An excellent after sales and support service is offered for all products. TH. WITT are responsible for the design, so customers can rest assured they will receive a product tailored to their needs.

All TH. WITT components are designed and manufactured in Aachen and are supplied to well-known refrigeration contractors worldwide. TH. WITT attaches great importance to products which are economical and sustainable and therefore prefers the use of natural refrigerants such as Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide. Refrigeration contractors are offered advanced package equipment in the form of pumping stations and heat exchangers including Ammonia/Carbon Dioxide cascade systems. TH. WITT components are used for deep freezing applications e.g. in the food industry as well as process cooling e.g. in chemical or pharmaceutical production.

The company was founded in 1896 by Theodor Witt, a young engineer who invented the high-pressure float control in combination with a central surge drum and flooded evaporators. The simple, reliable design is still used for industrial refrigeration systems all over the world.

The company TWK GmbH offers external and internal training courses as well as symposia in the fields of refrigeration, heat pumps and mobile (road and rail) refrigeration and air conditioning technology.


Currently approx. 35 different course subjects are imparted. The spectrum ranges from basic courses to specialized trainings such as f-gas certification, projection methods or natural and synthetic refrigerants. A special feature of the courses is the high practical content as part of laboratory exercises. Therefore more than 100 cutaway models of components and laboratory equipment are available.


 In the test house different performance and operational tests on components of a conventional refrigerant circuit of a compression chiller or heat pump can be carried out with various refrigerants and lubricants. Furthermore expertises, analyses as well as R&D tasks on refrigeration systems,

heat pumps and mobile air conditioning systems for cars, trucks, buses, rail and transport vehicles

are being processed.

Fluids that transport heat and cold have been part of the TYFO portfolio for more than 50 years; meanwhile the company has also become the European market leader for cooling brines and for cold and heat transfer fluids. The products are used in refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating systems in supermarkets, wind tunnels, under-soil heating, geothermal, wind power and solar systems, in chocolate factories, breweries, wineries and many other production facilities. TYFO's own research capacities enable the company to develop customised solutions for practically every application.

With more than 900 member companies from industry, retail and the skilled trades, the Association of the German Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry (VDKF) is the leading German trade association for the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump branch. The association represents the interests of its members in dealings with government bodies, authorities and associations, and also offers them a comprehensive range of services, including the branch software VDKF-LEC (Leakage & Energy Control). This software allows a specialist refrigeration and air-conditioning company to act on behalf of its customers in fulfilling all statutory recording and notification obligations while also keeping records of the leak tests. Plant operators can use the software to produce legally compliant documentation and to compare plant data.

The VDKL (association of German refrigerated warehouses and cold chain logistics companies) is a trade association for the temperature-managed storage, distribution and logistics of frozen food and fresh goods. It draws its members from the logistics, industry and retail sectors with total storage capacity of more than 2.7 million Euro pallets, a workforce of more than 52,000 employees and generating total sales of around 14 billion euro. The VDKL represents the interests of its members on the national and European level and offers them a range of services, professional energy management and the financially attractive and nationally unique VDKL electricity pool.

Viessmann Kühlsysteme GmbH is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of innovative commercial refrigeration solutions. The company serves customers in hotel and catering and in food production and processing with comprehensive, tailor-made refrigeration solutions all from a single source. The product range includes remote and plug-in refrigeration and deep-freeze cabinets, evaporators, power packs, cold rooms, refrigeration and deep-freezing units, together with accessories and service covering all aspects of installation and maintenance. All products can be flexibly customized to the individual specifications and requirements to create unique retailing concepts and new options for store design.

Wieland Thermal Solutions is part of Wieland Werke AG – a globally active group of companies with 6,500 employees in more than 30 sites. Among others, the company offers the world's largest range of enhanced surface tubes and low finned tubes for condensing and evaporating refrigerants in shell and tube heat exchangers. The portfolio extends from standard and customized heat exchangers for single phase heat transfer via cutting-edge high-tech solutions for shell and tube condensers and shell and tube evaporators, through to special solutions for cooling electronic components. The enhanced tubes stand out with best thermal output rates and minimum material and energy input, making them highly economical, safe and durable.

Highly efficient hard- and software for food refrigeration and integrated building automation technology: for more than 25 years now, Wurm GmbH & Co. KG Elektronische Systeme has been one of the technology leaders on the German and European markets. The FRIGODATA, FRIGOLINK and FRIGOENTRY product lines offer intelligent system solutions for all refrigeration and building automation requirements. The services portfolio extends from refrigeration and building management planning and individual concepts via the production of components and complete switchgear systems, through to comprehensive support. The company's innovative performance was rewarded in 2014 with the TOP 100 Award at the "Deutscher Mittelstands Summit" event (summit of Germany's SME sector).

How can I become a member?

  1. You are a manufacturer of machinery, equipment, components and technical accessories or are interested in promoting refrigeration technology, heat pump technology and the refrigeration aspects of air-conditioning technology.
  2. Regular and associate members are accepted on submission of a written application and following a corresponding decision by the Executive Board. For more information, please go to: Statutes.